Monday, February 4, 2013

The FUTURE of OIL by Sanjay Patel

Releasing on 13th February 2013, another remarkable book from CreatiVentures - An exclusive publisher for first-time writers.
Paperback, 248 pages, Rs. 300.00
This book enlists the causes of ever increasing oil prices - whys and hows of it.
It will also inform you with the treasure chest of oil sands reserves in Canadian and other costs. A must read book, if you are ever pricked by the escalating oil prices and shooting up cost of living. The author has 18 years of work experience in the Oil Industry and Works with one of the Oil giants in Canada. So what you hear is the from the horse's mouth about the Future of Oil.
Joji Valli (Author-Publisher CreatiVentures)

About the Book
Unless we are able to increase the global oil supply, we face a bleak future of depleting reserves and high energy prices. Since conventional oil reserves are dwindling, we have no alternative but to increasingly rely on unconventional oil, and for political, economic, and environmental reasons, the Canadian oil sands offer the very best unconventional oil we can get. Never before has a book offered an insider s view of this controversial industry. The Future of Oil objectively considers economic necessity and the nature of current technological limitations to arrive at a series of connected and inescapable conclusions. The transition to an age of cleaner energy production is necessary and inevitable, but we cannot yet live without oil. Oil must have a future, or we do not have one, and the oil sands of Canada are the centrepiece of that future. The Future of Oil is a clear, concise, yet complete guide to the Canadian oil sands industry, covering history, the environment, technology, and ethics. It addresses all the main objections to oil sands development that have been posed by journalists, environmentalists, First Nations leaders, and others. The author does not sugarcoat the hard facts, but objectively presents the arguments of oil sands critics and proponents alike. As a result, readers should have a much deeper understanding of all the issues involved, and be able to form their own opinions. The straight-spoken, journalistic style of The Future of Oil will appeal both to a general readership and those working in the oil sands industry, serving as a valuable resource by providing the big picture. Most of all, it offers, for the first time, an insider s view of a crucial energy debate that will be with us for some time to come.

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