Sunday, December 23, 2012

Happy Christmas - Who Knows!

Dear Friends,
Who Knows!
Mayan’s predictions did not come true at least in the physical world.
So we are here to enjoy and experience another Christmas.
People who waited for the end of the world, must have realized that humans have hardly any control over the nature though nature has control over us.
However, those who waited for the doom’s day can always argue that it was a change in the consciousness.
But who knows!
The empirical and tangible realities are real for each of us like the very existence of you.
Anything beyond that can be again another ‘Who Knows!’

Jesus is supposed to be God in human form…
But Who knows!
Jesus’ virgin birth…
Again Who knows!

The assumptions about Jesus’ god in human form and his virgin birth remain an unsolved puzzle or mystery for humanity…
Yet, what we experience is the cheer and hope that Christmas brings every year without fail.
Christ is the symbol of hope, liberty, freedom, light etc...  So Christmas is the symbolic liberation of Christ from tamas (darkness) — Chris+tmas.
"Tamaso mā jyotir gamaya" means "From darkness, lead me to light." Life simply poses lots of unfavorable situations every moment, where each of us becomes helpless with hopelessness and disappointments. Our life is totally submerged in darkness. Life is in darkness. At this juncture, we hope for the light, the ‘jyoti’.
Chris is the light that you aspire for when you are in darkness. Chris is the hope that you require when you are in the clutches of hopelessness. Chris is the freedom that you need when you are in the chains of selfishness, ego and jealousy. Chris is the meaning that you seek when you are lost in the ‘tamas’ (darkness).  Chris is the seed that makes you conceive Christ in your heart. So that you can be birth to a Christ in your heart bringing hope and light to your life and others.
But how many of us has the seed in our heart? How many of us have light in our heart?
Is your Christ born in your heart?
Who Knows!

May Chris be in your heart;
May Christ be born in your heart:
Wishing you a happy Christmas and sending you lots of Chris from my heart...
Wishing you all the blessings of Christmas.

Joji Valli
(Author Publisher)
CreatiVentures Publishing

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Releasing Grateful Heart - HeartSpeaks Series -5

Dear Friends and my Valuable Readers,
I am happy to announce with a Grateful Heart, my 7th baby is going to see light tomorrow on the 13th.
It is the 5th in HeartSpeaks Series named - GRATEFUL HEART
It will be available in online stores and all st.paul and pauline bookstores across India within couple of weeks.
Plus, it will be available in,, Bibilio.
Plus, through our all India distributor Research Press Pvt. Ltd, all across India.
Also you are free to order from and get your discount.
Looking forward to your continued support and encouragements.
With a Grateful Heart
Joji Valli
(Author & Publisher)

Saturday, November 10, 2012

HeartSpeaks Series (5 books so far)

HeartSpeaks Series by Joji Valli
A perfect gift for any occassion. 

Grateful Heart - HeartSpeaks Series - 5, Releasing Sooooon...

Dear Friends,
On this festival of lights, millions and millions of lights expressing the gratitude...
Indeed, it is my pleasure to gift to you all,
the 5th book in the HeartSpeaks series - GRATEFUL HEART.  Releasing Soooooooon...
Pls find the attached coverpage and Catalogue of CreatiVentures.
Books are available through flipkart, other online stores, and bookshops across India.
Feel free to order from CreatiVentures, Pune too and encourage our authors.

Our motivational books are an an exclusive Gift for any auspicious occasion.

Wishing you all blessings of life.
Joji Valli

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Another feather on CreatiVentures - SALAAM AMERICA! - C. DRAGO

Next book, adding another colorful feather on CreatiVentures is a fiction named SALAAM AMERICA! by C. Drago. This fiction is power paced with self-help messages and motivational stuff. So it is not just a fiction that entertains your brains, instead it will also enhance you to transform yourself for a better life and a better future.
I am sure, as you go through the back cover text it will brings glimpse of it:

In America, the young passionately loved wealth, honor and power. 
Money is power for Richie. 
Martial arts are the only goal of life for Rambo. 
Floating in her dream world, Roma thought only of romance. 
Uncle Monk preached non-involvement. 
The American dream ruled over everyone, until one day a strange thing happened. 
Chinmay, an Indian student dared to challenge them all. 
The solid walls of pragmatism and empiricism stood firmly against him. 
As an outsider was he banging his head against a wall? 
He was not broken down, but had to heal his deep wounds through 
constant forgiveness and agapeic love. 
How did he win the war?

It will be available from 13th June at your stores.
If you would like to have copy before that, you may order it from us.
Visit us at CreatiVentures Publishing
Pls forward this to your friends and contacts.
Also divert anyone with a publishing dreams to us.
Wishing you all blessings of life
Joji Valli
(Author Publisher)

Monday, May 14, 2012

VishwaSutras: Universal Principles for Living by Vishwas Chavan

CreatiVentures is on the constant efforts of bloomering first-time-writers. The next author who has the privilege of being in the cradle is none other than Dr. Vishwas Chavan.
For most of us, Slum dog Millionaire was a movie which depicted the depth of poverty and agony of children in Indian slums. But for Vishwas, a flash back of his own life.
Brought up at a slum in Pune, he kept the hope of rising up close to his heart which finally manifested as he climbed the ladder to a science diplomat or scientist.
Now, he wants to share his success sutras with the rest of the world, as he pauses challenge to the youth -- if he could make it, anyone can.
VishwaSutra caters real-time experiences of a now science diplomat who was a slum-boy. A wonderful book that motivates, as you turn the pages and implants success sutras in your very being.
It will be available on your stores and online stores in the second week of June 2012. Feel free to place pre-order CreatiVentures Publishing

About the Book:
We often hear about KamaSutras, but never about VishwaSutras! 
What is VishwaSutra?
Successful living in today’s world requires following certain principles (sutras), which are universal and can be adapted by anyone. ‘VishwaSutras’, is a collection of principles for successful living. These sutras were experienced by a now a Science Diplomat, who was born as a slum-boy. In the beginning, he happened to stumble upon these sutras unknowingly which transformed his life. Later, he took conscious decision to adopt them which are helping him to climb the ladder of success.
In our quest for successful life, positive aspirations and experiences can be self-enriching. Even a mere realization of ‘who are we and our purpose in life?’ can bring enormous sense of freedom, and unbeatable energy and enthusiasm to achieve it.
VishwaSutras will unfold ways of achieving your dreams. VishwaSutras aims to give you support, inspiration and strategies to make your life a reflection of the authentic you. To help you define success on your own terms. To make sure you’re moving forward manifesting the big dreams and loving every minute of it. To celebrate life authentically and inspire others who dream success and happy living.

Feel free to visit the author at Author: Vishwas Chavan

If you think of supporting CreatiVenters and our mission of bloomering first-time-writers, kindly pass on the link to your friends and contacts.
Wishing you all blessings of life
Joji Valli

Friday, April 20, 2012

108 Year old Holocaust Survivor

Hatred eats the soul of the Hater not the hated - Alice Herz Sommer

Narzis spared Alice and her son because they needed a piano player. Her expertise in piano expand her life to experience a century length of wisdom.
She still feels that laughter is the antidote to face catastrophe's of life whatsoever it may be.
Being an optimist is the tonic that fight against any unpleasant situation at any moment of life.
If this 108 year old wisdom proves her life to be a life of happiness and worthy, why not try to learn from her wisdom?
As I write and encourage people to find the brighter side of every moment, i am sure this video of Alice would make each of you more confident and motivate yourself to experience happiness and be optimistic at every moment in life.
Wishing you all blessings of life

Click here to watch the videos. Pls pass on the link to your friends and contacts who are seeking happiness outside.

108 Year old Holocaust Survivor

Happiness lies not in the heaven but within oneself.
By Joji Valli
(Author Publisher)

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Friday, April 6, 2012

Be the Christ of your Life - Happy Easter

Jesus was lucky  he underwent physical crucifixion only once in his life. Roman’s mercilessly nailed him to the cross only once. He certainly underwent mental crucifixions many times in his life too.
We keep also undergo mental crucifixions many times in our life. Every time when you are nailed to a situation that you cannot come out  it is a crucifixion. The cross may be big or small. But the act is the same. You keep carrying crosses all through life. You keep getting nailed to the cross many times in life. Because what life is  nothing but full of crosses and nails.
You are nailed to the past if you are not able to come out of it. You are nailed to the future if you are not able to live in the present. Resurrection happens in the present. When you are able to pull of the nails of past and future; you are resurrecting yourself in the present. You are living in the present. Every time when you are getting nailed if you are able to resurrect yourself, you are living your life. You are partaking not only in the crucifixion but also in the resurrection of Christ. I feel, that is the real meaning of Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection for us today.
If Jesus would have remained dead, then you would not have called him Christ. What made him different from all other mortals was nothing but resurrection. He wanted to overcome death by rising from the dead. He proved himself victorious through resurrection. Not even death could defeat him. He proved to humanity that every time when you are succumbed to situations of death, you have to be different and overcome the problems in life. So every time when you are able to come out of a problem which you face in your life, understand that you are resurrecting yourself and being a true follower of Jesus Christ or a Christ.
Jesus became Christ through resurrection. I think the meaning of Christ is nothing but the one who became victorious over death. One who is able to overcome problems of his life by living in the present. One who is aware of himself and able to move with the need of the hour. One who can take care of himself even when the entire humanity disowned him and rejected him. One who is able to eat the problem itself and solve the problems of life. Every time when you are finding a solution to your problems of life, understand that you are a Christ. You become a true follower of Christ. Christ becomes your role model in life. So you don’t need a baptism to become a follower of Christ. You have to baptize yourself internally  there takes place the transition and transformation to Christhood. Are you ready for that? Do you want to be a Christ?
How can you resurrect yourself when you live in the past? How can you resurrect yourself when you live in the future? Resurrection happens only in the present  Here and Now. You need not be a Christian to witness the death and resurrection of Christ. The death and resurrection should happen every moment in your life. Every time when you get stuck with unbridled problems of daily life you are experiencing the crucifixion and death of Jesus. Death is certain and is a reality. Acceptance makes you aware of the reality. When you are accepting the reality of life as it is  you are able to live in the present. Present is what life is! If you are living either in the past or future, you can never dream of resurrecting yourself. Because you are either dead to past or to the future.
The cross got its importance only after Jesus became Christ. Cross would have remained just piece of wooden beams if Jesus would not have become Christ. When you resurrect every time out of a problem understand, you are creating numerous crosses in your life too. People around will certainly admire and appreciate every Cross of your life that created a Christ. If you don’t create a Christ, your Crosses will remain worthless wooden beams all through your life. You have the power to make each Cross of your life invaluable and precious for yourself and others. All what you need is to create a Christ out of each Cross that you have in life  just be victorious over each problem.
Christness is within you. Untap it! You will never lack Crosses in life. But if you are able to make a Christ out of each Cross; your Crosses will be remembered and appreciated by others. You will be happy looking at your own Crosses. No regret of having received the Crosses. Let every problem makes you aware of the Christness in you to experience the Christ and be the Christ. May all your Crosses become precious and invaluable. May you be the Christ of your life.
  by Joji Valli
(Author Publisher)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Releasing the next book of this month - INSIGHTS Vol.2 by Dr. Jose Kaimlett

INSIGHTS has picked up very good momentum among its readers.  Many found the simple reflections relevant to their day to day lives, whereas the short stories kept the reading pleasant. The demand for a second volume of INSIGHTS was spontaneous yet compulsive.
Like the INSIGHTS Vol.1 this also has stories that will touch you for a lifetime and you too can pass on the legacy of it to your future generations giving insights of life.
Stories in this book are indexed with over 500 plus topic index covering wide range of daily life helping you to make insightful choice at your finger tips.
It is very good companion for anyone who would want to give a talk on a particular subject. An index with 500 plus topics will make their hunt for stories easy.
This book will be released on March 8th.

CreatiVentures is getting amazing response from lot of budding writers and we have about 15books on pipeline right now.
If you know anyone whose publishing dreams are tarnished by traditional publishers,  feel free to direct them to us. Let us together make getting published dream by bloomering yet another writer/author -- encourage creativity and imagination.
Wishing you all blessings of life
Joji Valli
(Author Publisher)
For how to get published go through the link below on CreatiVentures website

Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Priceless Gift for someone close to your Heart

CreatiVentures has been engaged in constant efforts of bloomering first-time writers to the mainstream literary world where traditional publishers hesitate to accept a manuscript from the fresher.  And   CreatiVentures  has helped about six first timers in the year 2011. 
This year  CreatiVentures   is looking forward to introduce many more...
As a curtain raiser we are proud release the first of this year which is "a perfect gift for someone close to your Heart" with the name  "the WAY 2 WIN" in this month. 

This book provides a visual treat of real time impeccable collection of photographs along with words of wisdom and insights from the bosom of nature - giving you the opportunity to experience nature’s profound grandeur and beauty hidden beyond words- The Way 2 Win.

You may pre-order copies from any of our distribution outlets across India or online.
For more details and pre-order  Visit CreatiVentures Publishing