Thursday, April 4, 2013

Just released: A political fiction by M. Venugopal from CreatiVentures

A Political Diorama... LIVING DEATH NRI's Crusade

by M. Venugopal

Are you an Indian living in India or elsewhere? Do you love your country? How much do you love? How do you measure it? Do you think holding Indian flag in the midst of several spectators in the stadiums or expressing emotions and passions in media on politics, society, culture, administration, judiciary, religion, are symbols of patriotism?
Leaving an affluent life in London, the richest, successful NRI Mr. Raghuveer, arrives into the city of Hyderabad to settle down for the rest of his life. He knew very well that the entire country is sailing with political motives, slinging in the mud with corruption, hypocrisy, nepotism, bureaucracy, perceptions , no convictions and wisdom. Story narrates on how one man surmounts day to day events, encounters with various ministers and bureaucrats, to fight for the basic needs of the common man. He becomes a symbol of true patriotism. He evokes hidden power in the common man, through his deeds, actions, convictions and brings noticeable changes in the society, his achievements are remarkable. 'LIVING DEATH' is the nightmare to the unscrupulous politicians and an eye-opener to the innocent voters.

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