Sunday, August 24, 2014

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Madhukar Thompson was born in Germany 22nd June 1949 and actively participated in Osho’s communes. He had been living in Ainakatti (Tamil Nadu) and felt at home in his chosen “Motherland India”. He had committed to a 3-year Vedanta study at Swami Dhayananda’s ashram and was devoted to the spiritual life. Swami Madhukar aka Swami Dhyan Hareesh (Berthold Happle-Thompson) left his body on 23rd May, 2011.
(It is my humble attempt to keep his works and efforts alive. - Joji Valli)

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Religion Precedes Life or Life precedes Religion? (Religio-Est-Vita Vel Vita-Est-Religio)?

The famous chicken or egg story is a perpetual dilemma throughout the history of humanity. Yet the existence of chicken and egg remains as intact as it used to be. The chicken lays egg and egg makes chuckling or visa-versa. Between the egg and chicken, there is no controversy or no dichotomy. It is the human mind that has the controversy and dichotomy of who precedes what? There is a perfect harmony and rhythm between egg and chicken. It is quite natural to their being itself. It doesn’t matter egg precedes chicken or chicken precedes egg as long as there is no threat to the existence of either of them. Looking at from a liberalistic perspective, probably both precede each other or may not be also.
Unlike the chicken and egg dilemma, modernity is faced with challenges of religions adherents and their fanatic theism which uproots the existence of thousands in Iraq, Syria, Libya and other such regions. Life has no value compared to religion. Religion becomes the game changer to those persecutors and persecuted.   Nobody is ready to loosen the fanaticism from their mind letting the stubbornness as their master. And the net result is life gets eliminated from the phase of earth. How can we justify the massacre and genocide that occur in the name of faith and religion?

What is important – life or religion?
Religion can only make sense when your existence is intact. Religion is sedative hope antidote offering temporary cessation from pain and suffering. It is not a permanent cure ― just temporary, built on a great capsule called hope ― hope of the hopeless; choice of the choiceless; refuge of the refugeless. Hope is good; a great tranquilizer which helps humanity to aspire for when all doors in the life are shut. Hope never shuts the door to its mansion. Everyone is welcomed to dine in the ever expanding mansion. Hope has no boundary and no scarcity of space. As dreams are unlimited, hopes are very hopeful bottomless pit or roofless roof. Human mind is so whimsical that never understands the witch as it is preoccupied with the plight of survival of the fittest.

Life is LIVING
Life is LIVING in its fullness. Celebrating the liveliness of life is LIVING. Awareness is the key to living life. Often in the daily chores of life neglect the awareness from living.
Man is totally free to think and feel what he wants. Freedom is the expression of awareness in living. Without awareness from can never be experience. Awareness can only free the mind from shackles of fanaticism and religious bondage. Humans who are aware of the existence of their life will certainly transcend beyond religions than ignoring it or giving up. Because, religion has a great capsule which everyone needs some time or other in life. Religion will remain a great predator to the existence of humanity with its hope capsule. Humanity has been using it in some form or other from the time immemorial, and will continue till the eternity. However, the mere awareness of life precedes everything else will help us to transcend beyond stubbornness and fanaticism opening more neural pathways to freedom.

Can a human being live life without religion? When you life is at a stake in the name of religion, what is religion for?  If your existence is not there what is your religion for?        By         Joji Valli

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Author Bloomering Sessions

Dear Friends,
Author Bloomering Sessions specially for aspiring writers, in the effort to encouraging and supporting first-time writers.
This will give you a chance to explore your talents and see how it feels to become a writer. You too can be creative, convincing and compelling with words. This session will facilitate you with techniques and tips making it easier than you think.
You will learn how to:
?              Approach writing with less fear and more pleasure
?              Understand what makes text compelling for the reader
?              Abandon writer’s block – and lose the terror of the blank page
?              Understand what makes a good piece of writing great
?              Develop ideas and tap into your creativity
?              Leave with lots of inspiration and an action plan of where you’d like to go next with your writing

Who should come on this Session?
•             Anyone who has a dream to become a published author. 
•             Anyone who is drawn to writing, but doesn’t know how to begin.
•             Anyone who has made a start on writing and wants more confidence
•             Anyone who wants to explore/extend/exhibit his/her repertoire of skills.          

Other details:
·         It will be one to one residential sessions for two days.
·         Course charges will include two day food & accommodation
Book your seat at the earliest to unearth the writer in you.
More detail:

Wishing you all blessings of life
Dr. Joji Valli

Kindly forward this to your dear and near ones, friends and contacts who are dreaming of becoming a published author.

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Monday, April 28, 2014

Today is Today of Today - NOW

Dear HeartSpeaks Friends,
 here is most powerful loving melody of your life
You have never heard it,
You will never hear it,
You are hearing it,
If only you DO it,

"Today is the tomorrow of yesterday
Today is yesterday of tomorrow
Today is the Today of Today
Do it,
Do it NOW."
-Joji Valli (Author Publisher)
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Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Friday, random thoughts to enhance your fast and strengthen your faith in the Divine

As I opened my mail box and went into a few social networking sites this morning, I was welcomed with a few mails and postings which read: “Christ has died for you and me.”
Good reminder for a person like me which certainly triggered a few questions in my mind:

Did Jesus really die for you and me?
The Bible (John 10:36) says, “Are you saying to The One whom The Father sanctified and sent into the world, “You blaspheme”, because I said to you, 'I am The Son of God?”
Imagine yourself getting into the busy market place and telling everyone that you are ‘Son of God.’
How would you react to someone self is proclaiming that he/she is ‘son of God?’
Well. Of course, crowd would react differently. But what is your personal reaction?
Would you go with the crowd or would you go with your own reaction?
If you do not have an opinion, definitely you have to go with someone’s opinion.
Do you see some reason why at all Jesus had to died for you?
Why should someone do such self-sacrifice at all for your life?

Jesus died for self-proclaiming himself as ‘Son of God.’
Did Jesus try to introduce a new concept of belief about God?
Did he reaffirm the traditional idea of God who is above everything?
Did he try to affirm self-responsibility than relying on the God Almighty?
Did he try to try to break away from the concept of dependence to self-reliance?
Did he try to challenge the traditional notion of God in the Jewish society?
Did he try to impose his arrival as the traditional concept of messiah whom the Jews were waiting for?

Is the proclamation of ‘Son of God’ a selfish motive?
‘Son of God’ is a title of Jesus in the New Testament of the Bible.
 In the New Testament, ‘Son of God’ is applied to Jesus on many occasions.
It is often seen as referring to his divinity, from the Annunciation through his birth, crucifixion, resurrection and beyond.
In the New Testament, Jesus is declared to be the ‘Son of God’ on two separate occasions by a voice speaking from Heaven.
Jesus is also explicitly and implicitly described as the ‘Son of God’ by himself and by various individuals who appear in the New Testament.

Why did Jesus declare himself as the ‘Son of God?
Was Jesus smart enough to axe the stem of Jewish faith?
As the saying goes, “if at all you grab, grab by the balls.”
Imagine, if someone comes out of the blue to your place declaring he/she is your son or daughter?
What a shock, what surprise, what a shame, what a mystery?
It is just a personal matter, still what kind of a reaction it will impact in your life?
If such a small declaration can vandalize your life,
Imagine, what it would do when someone declares someone as ‘Son of God,’
Trying to assert the divinity of man in the Godhead of your belief.
Remember, your faith is your faith and values of your life.
When your faith if questioned your values are shaken and shattered.

Was Jesus’ declaration as the ‘son of God’ the need of the hour?
Traditions can be broken when you axe straight to the stem.
People become superstitious and irresponsible when they are moved by faith.
Your life is your responsibility.
You have come to this world alone. No one can live your life.
No one can die for you. But you need to find your reasons to live.
Make life as a happy event.
Live life and make the LIVING a happy and wonderful experience at every moment.
When you are trodden by any sorts of faith, you tend to forget LIVING.
It is an experience that life can offer you at every moment.
Without LIVING, life is a bunch of burden to yourself, society and nature.
So to awaken you from the slumber, someone should have the guts.
Guts to openly declare, “I am the Son of God or I and Father are one.”

If we look at the Eastern tradition we can also notice,
The Vedic aphorism saying that ‘ahaṁ brahmāsmi.’
Means "I am Brahman."
It is the clear sign of a self-realized person.
A person who is different from you and me.
A person who has guts to challenge the tradition.
A person who has faith in himself, but aware that he is part of the Divine.
He is part of the Brahman. (I and the Father are One).
‘Whatever is in the Universe, is present in me’ (and ‘whatever is in me, is part of the Universe’).

Do you ever come across or overwhelmed with such thoughts?
Do you ever dare to challenge the traditions?
Do you ever dare to question your own beliefs and faith?
Do you ever consider yourself as part of Brahman and Brahman in you?
Do you ever see life as your own responsibility and all what happens in life too?
Are you ready to accept life the way it discloses to you and handle the responsibilities by yourself?
Still not blaming the situations and people around,
Taking the whole responsibility to the self,
Then you become a role model for those who are not able to do it by themselves.
Then people will start saying like the mail I got in the morning:
Christ has died for you and me.

Wishing you all a Happy Good Friday
Joji Valli
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