Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Priceless Gift for someone close to your Heart

CreatiVentures has been engaged in constant efforts of bloomering first-time writers to the mainstream literary world where traditional publishers hesitate to accept a manuscript from the fresher.  And   CreatiVentures  has helped about six first timers in the year 2011. 
This year  CreatiVentures   is looking forward to introduce many more...
As a curtain raiser we are proud release the first of this year which is "a perfect gift for someone close to your Heart" with the name  "the WAY 2 WIN" in this month. 

This book provides a visual treat of real time impeccable collection of photographs along with words of wisdom and insights from the bosom of nature - giving you the opportunity to experience nature’s profound grandeur and beauty hidden beyond words- The Way 2 Win.

You may pre-order copies from any of our distribution outlets across India or online.
For more details and pre-order  Visit CreatiVentures Publishing