Sunday, May 5, 2013

Get your poems published with CreatiVentures Publishing

Dear Friends,
CreatiVentures is ever enthusiastically engaged in supporting and encouraging first-time writers thereby enhancing literature. We understand that literature is the rich heritage of any culture. Unless we encourage and support the cause, the culture remains barren. So throughout the centuries we have seen, people have been enormously contributing to make the culture richer and some of the great examples are Tagore, Shakespeare, Shelly etc…
We realize that there are a number of poets around even today. Most of them remain unnoticed like the beautiful flowers in the forest that wither away unnoticed. So we are taking initiatives to publish a collection of poetry by 50 budding poets — whether you are a first-timer or experienced, it does not matter.
Publishing your poem as a book by one person is a costly affair. So we are coming out with a scheme where even if you have a single poem, you can see it published and avail it to the rest of the world as your poetic contribution to enhance literature and make the culture richer.
Guide lines for Submission:
For each poem of single page (Not more than 25 Lines) you need to pay Rs.500.
The poetry book will be of 100 pages priced at Rs. 100/-
You will be given 5 complimentary copies of the poetry book.
So basically, your poem gets published at zero investment.
If you are excited about getting your poems published, contact as
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Wishing you all blessings of life
Joji Valli
(Author Publisher)

PS: Kindly forward this mail to your contacts who would be interested in getting their poems published.