Thursday, May 31, 2012

Another feather on CreatiVentures - SALAAM AMERICA! - C. DRAGO

Next book, adding another colorful feather on CreatiVentures is a fiction named SALAAM AMERICA! by C. Drago. This fiction is power paced with self-help messages and motivational stuff. So it is not just a fiction that entertains your brains, instead it will also enhance you to transform yourself for a better life and a better future.
I am sure, as you go through the back cover text it will brings glimpse of it:

In America, the young passionately loved wealth, honor and power. 
Money is power for Richie. 
Martial arts are the only goal of life for Rambo. 
Floating in her dream world, Roma thought only of romance. 
Uncle Monk preached non-involvement. 
The American dream ruled over everyone, until one day a strange thing happened. 
Chinmay, an Indian student dared to challenge them all. 
The solid walls of pragmatism and empiricism stood firmly against him. 
As an outsider was he banging his head against a wall? 
He was not broken down, but had to heal his deep wounds through 
constant forgiveness and agapeic love. 
How did he win the war?

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Monday, May 14, 2012

VishwaSutras: Universal Principles for Living by Vishwas Chavan

CreatiVentures is on the constant efforts of bloomering first-time-writers. The next author who has the privilege of being in the cradle is none other than Dr. Vishwas Chavan.
For most of us, Slum dog Millionaire was a movie which depicted the depth of poverty and agony of children in Indian slums. But for Vishwas, a flash back of his own life.
Brought up at a slum in Pune, he kept the hope of rising up close to his heart which finally manifested as he climbed the ladder to a science diplomat or scientist.
Now, he wants to share his success sutras with the rest of the world, as he pauses challenge to the youth -- if he could make it, anyone can.
VishwaSutra caters real-time experiences of a now science diplomat who was a slum-boy. A wonderful book that motivates, as you turn the pages and implants success sutras in your very being.
It will be available on your stores and online stores in the second week of June 2012. Feel free to place pre-order CreatiVentures Publishing

About the Book:
We often hear about KamaSutras, but never about VishwaSutras! 
What is VishwaSutra?
Successful living in today’s world requires following certain principles (sutras), which are universal and can be adapted by anyone. ‘VishwaSutras’, is a collection of principles for successful living. These sutras were experienced by a now a Science Diplomat, who was born as a slum-boy. In the beginning, he happened to stumble upon these sutras unknowingly which transformed his life. Later, he took conscious decision to adopt them which are helping him to climb the ladder of success.
In our quest for successful life, positive aspirations and experiences can be self-enriching. Even a mere realization of ‘who are we and our purpose in life?’ can bring enormous sense of freedom, and unbeatable energy and enthusiasm to achieve it.
VishwaSutras will unfold ways of achieving your dreams. VishwaSutras aims to give you support, inspiration and strategies to make your life a reflection of the authentic you. To help you define success on your own terms. To make sure you’re moving forward manifesting the big dreams and loving every minute of it. To celebrate life authentically and inspire others who dream success and happy living.

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