Sunday, March 4, 2012

Releasing the next book of this month - INSIGHTS Vol.2 by Dr. Jose Kaimlett

INSIGHTS has picked up very good momentum among its readers.  Many found the simple reflections relevant to their day to day lives, whereas the short stories kept the reading pleasant. The demand for a second volume of INSIGHTS was spontaneous yet compulsive.
Like the INSIGHTS Vol.1 this also has stories that will touch you for a lifetime and you too can pass on the legacy of it to your future generations giving insights of life.
Stories in this book are indexed with over 500 plus topic index covering wide range of daily life helping you to make insightful choice at your finger tips.
It is very good companion for anyone who would want to give a talk on a particular subject. An index with 500 plus topics will make their hunt for stories easy.
This book will be released on March 8th.

CreatiVentures is getting amazing response from lot of budding writers and we have about 15books on pipeline right now.
If you know anyone whose publishing dreams are tarnished by traditional publishers,  feel free to direct them to us. Let us together make getting published dream by bloomering yet another writer/author -- encourage creativity and imagination.
Wishing you all blessings of life
Joji Valli
(Author Publisher)
For how to get published go through the link below on CreatiVentures website