Monday, August 29, 2011

101 Grabs Top Spot in Kannada

Hearts On Fire Kannada version with the name "101" grabbing topspot of Sapna Bookseller in Karnataka
Dear Readers, 
Hearts On Fire was published in English in 2003. Sawanna Enterprises published the Kannada version titled "101" in 2010. In just a year's time "101" made it to the top ten of Sapna Book in Karnataka making a domestic bestseller.

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Wishing you all blessings of life

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Part -4: Plight of the first-time writer

After the long gap, it was not easy for me to put my thoughts together though there was a heavy prompt from within. Sitting down at one place and keying in was pretty cumbersome at that point. However, there was this driving force kicking my butt every now and then to get back into writing.
The third book also was in the same series with stories and topics. So it was not an easy task at all. I began writing as I had the kick very often from Existence to complete the book. As time went by, my passion became intense and I began focusing myself more and more into completing the book.
, However, it took almost a year to finish that book. Because there came broken phases of laziness, lethargy, and disinterest as part of the emotional interplay of those unseen hands in life.
Although, life goes on smooth outside, for a writer, the emotional interplay within plays a vital role in converting the thoughts to words. You cannot put pressure on a writer to convert to do it. It has to come from within —spontaneously so that the whole process of writing becomes easy and effortless.
Meanwhile, there were lots of ideas floating in my mind which I was unable to put into words. I was trying to assimilate more and put the thoughts together as and when I felt like.
But the magic of my life happened as I just finished my third book and sent it for printing. Out of the blue there come a commotion of ideas grabbing my fingers to jump on the keyboard faster than ever and completing the fourth book in one and half months time. As I was writing the book, I was living in a trace as if someone was leading me and instructing me to do it. There was no question of pressure. It was flowing effortlessly and freely. Words came to my fingers without even me involving in the process of thinking. There happened a straight connection between the brains (what do you mean by this? ) unlike never before.
Words I never spoke, took their place in the sentences with ease and coherence.  So much flow and ease that writing became a part of me. I did not feel like it was a routine job or something that I could complete with a deadline. I began enjoying the time I spent converting my thoughts into words.
The writer in me was bloomering into a professional. I began to get the feeling that I found the purpose of my life. The mission I have come to accomplish. The destiny I am born with and will have to carry out in this life.
My thoughts became clearer than it used to be. A kind of trance always encircled me in whatever, I was doing. I began associating everything I see around with the thoughts I had in my mind. More of observation and articulation into words and phrases giving the destiny a chance to manifest itself into what it is!
Well. That was the story of me getting bloomered into what I am today. It is just the personal plight of a writer in making. It is just one tenth of the plight a writer has to go through. The rest are big hurdles and stumbling blocks to the development and progress of a writer to make his presence felt or make an entry into the minds of the readers.
                        …to be continued

Friday, August 19, 2011

Prapti - 'Achievement' - a first-time writer bloomers into limelight

Dear Readers,
Here is a good news for you. 
Mr. P. Sanjay is a first-time author. CreatiVentures has been working with him for past two months to bloomer him to be a published author. Mr. P. Sanjay is a government servant and works with the government of Gujarat. 
His book is scheduled to release in the third week of September 2011. 
Sanjay is very pleased with our commitment of making him a published author in two months. Yes. Once we commit, we go by the stipulated time.
CreatiVentures is successfully bringing out the creativity, imagination and encouraging a first-time writer to manifest his dreams into reality. 
We look forward many more to publish with us and get inspired as an author and reader.
Please pass on the link to your friends and contacts and encourage us in our mission.
Wishing you all blessings of life
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Part -3 : Why should CreatiVentures bloomer first-time authors or writers?

There was a gap in my publishing career due to the interferences of unstoppable unanswered play of the unseen hands for the next six years.
A long gap. I never wrote anything physically sitting in the way I am right now.
Nevertheless, I always felt the drive to come back to it. Every night when I had some thoughts, I wrote down on a piece of paper and it disappeared the next day morning or during the week. 
Thus, my passion was over-ruled by the interference of unstoppable unanswered play of the unseen hands for all this time.
During this time, I observed a lot, traveled pretty much, interacting with different cultures, knowing them and experiencing them in person. Interacting with many occult sub-cultures and odd human beings at different levels. It really opened up my imagination and then creativity again giving the bridle to the passion to lead its way to my own heart and I listened to it as I was back in India in 2009.
I then started teaching management students and simultaneously began developing lots of material for teaching them.
The words flew like brook in the dense forests of Australia, students listened to me like the silent butterflies in the forest. I took not three hours a day, rather seven and even eight hours a day, where a normal professor has the commitment of two or three hours on a day.
I began writing my third book...
                                          To be continued...

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Part -2 : Why should CreatiVentures bloomer first-time authors or writers?

However, I never wanted my life's flowers to droop or drop without manifesting it to its fullest, without blooming to flowers. So I decided to self-bloom. I termed it as 'bloomering' process. I took the trouble of knowing how the industry functions. What are the mandatory requirements for publishing, so that I can self-bloomer myself first and give life to my seeds of creativity, imagination? I was passionate about it and wanted to let the world know that I have something good in my heart to offer to the world as well as the writers who have a flair to write. Yes. Without the intention of merely making a profit or making it a business. However, I am also aware, down the line, I will also become a businessman. Of course, you need to be a businessman to fight face to face.
But at this point all I can assure our readers and first-time authors that I will not be that mean publisher as I make it through harnessing the seeds of creativity, imagination and passion. So you can trust in what I am saying. Only if it convinces you! As I am opening up my heart to you...
I wrote, my first book which is a collection of stories and giving an explanation from different outlook and perspectives from different mindsets and angles. It became a best seller. Not by the standards of the publishing mafia industry, but to the content of my heart as a first-time author. I sold books through word of mouth, with the help of my friends and readers. It really worked. My book went to reprints many times. That gave me an impetus to write.
Within six months, I received a packet of Parker pens (2pens) from a unknown person asking me to continue with writing. 
It was for me a big acknowledgement of my skills and quality of my writing. Then I began getting lots of mails, emails, postcards and small small gifts etc... It really boosted my creativity, imagination and passion.
I published my second book within a year. Again, it proved to be a success and people accepted it and appreciated it without any hesitation.
For me personally, I felt that I was growing. I began reading and researching more and more to make my own explanation, flavor, color, taste, look, feel, appearance even different length and breadth to it. 
I realized the special category that I belonged to, which is not even 0.1% of the entire population of 6.26 billion. I found my worth. I found my potential. I found my passion. 
                     To be continued…
                        Joji Valli
                     Author Publisher

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Part -1: Why should CreatiVentures bloomer first-time authors or writers?

Why should CreatiVentures Publishing bloomer frist-time authors or writers?
Good question? Right.!
I asked this question to myself about nine years ago as I thought of writing a motivational book.
As the first step, I wanted to check out what I already heard from many of the famous motivational and other authors of different genre.
It is not easy to put out genuine talents that we have. Publishers are core to making money and they are typical businessmen who don't care or even think about the morality of publishing or even come to the neighborhood of acknowledging a God-given talent which you have as a writer.
Writing is not copy pasting. It is a flow of creativity, imagination and passion of someone. You can only offer what you have.
How can a businessman have it?
Why should he have it when he does not care for the intrinsic talent and creativity?
This does not come in business. If anything, only profit can motivate a businessman.
The businessman does not have the passion for writing or reading. They see a niche market or inherit it from their great-grandfathers. So they taste the profit part of it, rather than trying something new. They are too lazy to find out their own talents -- they got into the publishing purely as a business.
They do not know the plight of the writer. The agony they undergo. The mental stages they experience.
A vast majority of publishers in the world have never experienced it. So they can hardly understand the real plight and death pangs of the first-time writer.
I also faced the same situation as I approached many of the publishing tycoons in India and abroad. Some of them even came to the extent of giving a submission portal where you could submit for a review.
Either the review never happened. If at all it happened, six months to one year later, it is just to inform you that your work is not up to their standards or they don't deal in that genre.
Simple. They are not disappointing you but they are really sucking your time and thereby creativity and killing the God-given talent you are endowed with.
What a criminal act is it?
Which law is there to project the right of the purpose?
What laws are there governing the plight and destiny of the writer?
Who is there to support it or see it?
Again, a miserable gulf to swim across by the poor writer.
This itself, droops the creativity and vitality of the first-timer. This will eliminate the passion of more than 70% of the commoner who has the potential to write.
Now, the remaining 30% would fight with the odds for the rest of their life. If he is lucky, he will find a new publisher like J. K Rowling did. Or like the facebook guy, Mark Zuckerberg, will break the tradition of formal studies and be a dropout and go for the passion and be connected to the entire world making it a global village. You need to face the challenge and have the guts to do it.
But the passionate writer who writes from the heart does not know how to listen to the logic of the head. So not able to mutually use the passion and logic the first-timer waits with his manuscript and continues the plight of knocking more and more door which are half-opened; unopened or never-opened.
Oh, My GOD! How many writers must have lost their potentials? How many must have been or is being assassinated by the businessmen publishers around the globe?
Well. never mind. There is a good-news.
                                                      …to be continued
                                                       Joji Valli
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