Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Part -2 : Why should CreatiVentures bloomer first-time authors or writers?

However, I never wanted my life's flowers to droop or drop without manifesting it to its fullest, without blooming to flowers. So I decided to self-bloom. I termed it as 'bloomering' process. I took the trouble of knowing how the industry functions. What are the mandatory requirements for publishing, so that I can self-bloomer myself first and give life to my seeds of creativity, imagination? I was passionate about it and wanted to let the world know that I have something good in my heart to offer to the world as well as the writers who have a flair to write. Yes. Without the intention of merely making a profit or making it a business. However, I am also aware, down the line, I will also become a businessman. Of course, you need to be a businessman to fight face to face.
But at this point all I can assure our readers and first-time authors that I will not be that mean publisher as I make it through harnessing the seeds of creativity, imagination and passion. So you can trust in what I am saying. Only if it convinces you! As I am opening up my heart to you...
I wrote, my first book which is a collection of stories and giving an explanation from different outlook and perspectives from different mindsets and angles. It became a best seller. Not by the standards of the publishing mafia industry, but to the content of my heart as a first-time author. I sold books through word of mouth, with the help of my friends and readers. It really worked. My book went to reprints many times. That gave me an impetus to write.
Within six months, I received a packet of Parker pens (2pens) from a unknown person asking me to continue with writing. 
It was for me a big acknowledgement of my skills and quality of my writing. Then I began getting lots of mails, emails, postcards and small small gifts etc... It really boosted my creativity, imagination and passion.
I published my second book within a year. Again, it proved to be a success and people accepted it and appreciated it without any hesitation.
For me personally, I felt that I was growing. I began reading and researching more and more to make my own explanation, flavor, color, taste, look, feel, appearance even different length and breadth to it. 
I realized the special category that I belonged to, which is not even 0.1% of the entire population of 6.26 billion. I found my worth. I found my potential. I found my passion. 
                     To be continued…
                        Joji Valli
                     Author Publisher

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