Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Part -4: Plight of the first-time writer

After the long gap, it was not easy for me to put my thoughts together though there was a heavy prompt from within. Sitting down at one place and keying in was pretty cumbersome at that point. However, there was this driving force kicking my butt every now and then to get back into writing.
The third book also was in the same series with stories and topics. So it was not an easy task at all. I began writing as I had the kick very often from Existence to complete the book. As time went by, my passion became intense and I began focusing myself more and more into completing the book.
, However, it took almost a year to finish that book. Because there came broken phases of laziness, lethargy, and disinterest as part of the emotional interplay of those unseen hands in life.
Although, life goes on smooth outside, for a writer, the emotional interplay within plays a vital role in converting the thoughts to words. You cannot put pressure on a writer to convert to do it. It has to come from within —spontaneously so that the whole process of writing becomes easy and effortless.
Meanwhile, there were lots of ideas floating in my mind which I was unable to put into words. I was trying to assimilate more and put the thoughts together as and when I felt like.
But the magic of my life happened as I just finished my third book and sent it for printing. Out of the blue there come a commotion of ideas grabbing my fingers to jump on the keyboard faster than ever and completing the fourth book in one and half months time. As I was writing the book, I was living in a trace as if someone was leading me and instructing me to do it. There was no question of pressure. It was flowing effortlessly and freely. Words came to my fingers without even me involving in the process of thinking. There happened a straight connection between the brains (what do you mean by this? ) unlike never before.
Words I never spoke, took their place in the sentences with ease and coherence.  So much flow and ease that writing became a part of me. I did not feel like it was a routine job or something that I could complete with a deadline. I began enjoying the time I spent converting my thoughts into words.
The writer in me was bloomering into a professional. I began to get the feeling that I found the purpose of my life. The mission I have come to accomplish. The destiny I am born with and will have to carry out in this life.
My thoughts became clearer than it used to be. A kind of trance always encircled me in whatever, I was doing. I began associating everything I see around with the thoughts I had in my mind. More of observation and articulation into words and phrases giving the destiny a chance to manifest itself into what it is!
Well. That was the story of me getting bloomered into what I am today. It is just the personal plight of a writer in making. It is just one tenth of the plight a writer has to go through. The rest are big hurdles and stumbling blocks to the development and progress of a writer to make his presence felt or make an entry into the minds of the readers.
                        …to be continued

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