Friday, August 19, 2011

Prapti - 'Achievement' - a first-time writer bloomers into limelight

Dear Readers,
Here is a good news for you. 
Mr. P. Sanjay is a first-time author. CreatiVentures has been working with him for past two months to bloomer him to be a published author. Mr. P. Sanjay is a government servant and works with the government of Gujarat. 
His book is scheduled to release in the third week of September 2011. 
Sanjay is very pleased with our commitment of making him a published author in two months. Yes. Once we commit, we go by the stipulated time.
CreatiVentures is successfully bringing out the creativity, imagination and encouraging a first-time writer to manifest his dreams into reality. 
We look forward many more to publish with us and get inspired as an author and reader.
Please pass on the link to your friends and contacts and encourage us in our mission.
Wishing you all blessings of life
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  1. You have flare for writing.Congratulations.
    I wanted to develop flare for writing in English but could not succeed.The main reason being educated in vernacular language. I realised that I was not using commonly used figurative language devices such as the simile, the metaphor ,the oxymoron, the Synecdoche etc.While preparing some reports I used a lot of verbose words with different meaning to different people. I am still trying to write with flare.

  2. Thanks a lot for the encouragements. I do appreciate your valuable opinion and your passion to express yourself. And i must acknowledge you that there is no other secret than just doing it.
    Keep writing...
    Let it flow... let it flow with the wind...
    let it flow from your heart...
    Let your fingers do the job. All what you need to do is just make your fingers available to move freely and effortlessly.
    Wishing you all blessings of life

  3. I want publish my book in Marathi pls help

  4. i want publish my book based on engg college and hostel life