Sunday, August 14, 2011

Part -1: Why should CreatiVentures bloomer first-time authors or writers?

Why should CreatiVentures Publishing bloomer frist-time authors or writers?
Good question? Right.!
I asked this question to myself about nine years ago as I thought of writing a motivational book.
As the first step, I wanted to check out what I already heard from many of the famous motivational and other authors of different genre.
It is not easy to put out genuine talents that we have. Publishers are core to making money and they are typical businessmen who don't care or even think about the morality of publishing or even come to the neighborhood of acknowledging a God-given talent which you have as a writer.
Writing is not copy pasting. It is a flow of creativity, imagination and passion of someone. You can only offer what you have.
How can a businessman have it?
Why should he have it when he does not care for the intrinsic talent and creativity?
This does not come in business. If anything, only profit can motivate a businessman.
The businessman does not have the passion for writing or reading. They see a niche market or inherit it from their great-grandfathers. So they taste the profit part of it, rather than trying something new. They are too lazy to find out their own talents -- they got into the publishing purely as a business.
They do not know the plight of the writer. The agony they undergo. The mental stages they experience.
A vast majority of publishers in the world have never experienced it. So they can hardly understand the real plight and death pangs of the first-time writer.
I also faced the same situation as I approached many of the publishing tycoons in India and abroad. Some of them even came to the extent of giving a submission portal where you could submit for a review.
Either the review never happened. If at all it happened, six months to one year later, it is just to inform you that your work is not up to their standards or they don't deal in that genre.
Simple. They are not disappointing you but they are really sucking your time and thereby creativity and killing the God-given talent you are endowed with.
What a criminal act is it?
Which law is there to project the right of the purpose?
What laws are there governing the plight and destiny of the writer?
Who is there to support it or see it?
Again, a miserable gulf to swim across by the poor writer.
This itself, droops the creativity and vitality of the first-timer. This will eliminate the passion of more than 70% of the commoner who has the potential to write.
Now, the remaining 30% would fight with the odds for the rest of their life. If he is lucky, he will find a new publisher like J. K Rowling did. Or like the facebook guy, Mark Zuckerberg, will break the tradition of formal studies and be a dropout and go for the passion and be connected to the entire world making it a global village. You need to face the challenge and have the guts to do it.
But the passionate writer who writes from the heart does not know how to listen to the logic of the head. So not able to mutually use the passion and logic the first-timer waits with his manuscript and continues the plight of knocking more and more door which are half-opened; unopened or never-opened.
Oh, My GOD! How many writers must have lost their potentials? How many must have been or is being assassinated by the businessmen publishers around the globe?
Well. never mind. There is a good-news.
                                                      …to be continued
                                                       Joji Valli
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  1. Good to see you blog on behalf of the house. I totally agree with your death pangs of first-time writers or rather unestablished writers. However, I beg to differ on one sentence "The businessman does not have the passion for writing or reading". You could revise that to not all businessmen are creatively active...And truth be told, you need to be business minded to survive. All commercially successful artists are business savvy...Nisha

  2. Thanks Nisha. Yes. there is a point in what you stated.
    However, i differ saying that the real artist or writer does not become a businessman first. The very fact that makes him a businessman gradually is the rat race of survival in the market.
    At least it gives some time for a good number of years for the firsttimers to benefit and get published.

  3. A good businessman is also a good thinker. He deals with many items ... collecting the good ones and keeping in his store.... considering people will come and purchase them. He supplies what others need. The same way an author whatever he writes are for other’s interest. A businessman never thinks about his product once sold it out from his store. He never thinks how people use his product. He may not be remembering the customer but the customer remembers him if he got a good item at a fair rate. Certainly he may come back to the same store to get something more not only because of getting a good item at fair rate but also for his good dealings with customers. A businessman gets satisfaction when he gets cash on sale. An author gets satisfaction when people read his book and respond about it and search for other books of the same author.
    "The writer must earn money in order to be able to live and to write, but he must by no means live and write for the purpose of making money."
    Karl Marx
    With best wishes