Sunday, December 23, 2012

Happy Christmas - Who Knows!

Dear Friends,
Who Knows!
Mayan’s predictions did not come true at least in the physical world.
So we are here to enjoy and experience another Christmas.
People who waited for the end of the world, must have realized that humans have hardly any control over the nature though nature has control over us.
However, those who waited for the doom’s day can always argue that it was a change in the consciousness.
But who knows!
The empirical and tangible realities are real for each of us like the very existence of you.
Anything beyond that can be again another ‘Who Knows!’

Jesus is supposed to be God in human form…
But Who knows!
Jesus’ virgin birth…
Again Who knows!

The assumptions about Jesus’ god in human form and his virgin birth remain an unsolved puzzle or mystery for humanity…
Yet, what we experience is the cheer and hope that Christmas brings every year without fail.
Christ is the symbol of hope, liberty, freedom, light etc...  So Christmas is the symbolic liberation of Christ from tamas (darkness) — Chris+tmas.
"Tamaso mā jyotir gamaya" means "From darkness, lead me to light." Life simply poses lots of unfavorable situations every moment, where each of us becomes helpless with hopelessness and disappointments. Our life is totally submerged in darkness. Life is in darkness. At this juncture, we hope for the light, the ‘jyoti’.
Chris is the light that you aspire for when you are in darkness. Chris is the hope that you require when you are in the clutches of hopelessness. Chris is the freedom that you need when you are in the chains of selfishness, ego and jealousy. Chris is the meaning that you seek when you are lost in the ‘tamas’ (darkness).  Chris is the seed that makes you conceive Christ in your heart. So that you can be birth to a Christ in your heart bringing hope and light to your life and others.
But how many of us has the seed in our heart? How many of us have light in our heart?
Is your Christ born in your heart?
Who Knows!

May Chris be in your heart;
May Christ be born in your heart:
Wishing you a happy Christmas and sending you lots of Chris from my heart...
Wishing you all the blessings of Christmas.

Joji Valli
(Author Publisher)
CreatiVentures Publishing

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Releasing Grateful Heart - HeartSpeaks Series -5

Dear Friends and my Valuable Readers,
I am happy to announce with a Grateful Heart, my 7th baby is going to see light tomorrow on the 13th.
It is the 5th in HeartSpeaks Series named - GRATEFUL HEART
It will be available in online stores and all st.paul and pauline bookstores across India within couple of weeks.
Plus, it will be available in,, Bibilio.
Plus, through our all India distributor Research Press Pvt. Ltd, all across India.
Also you are free to order from and get your discount.
Looking forward to your continued support and encouragements.
With a Grateful Heart
Joji Valli
(Author & Publisher)