Thursday, September 1, 2011

NEW-LOOK CreatiVentures Publishing - Is there an end to Professionalism?!

Dear Friends,
A simple question always bothers all of us every day, every minute and every moment -- Is there an end to professionalism?
Of course, it will bother you only if you keep asking the question to yourself. If not, you can sleep, eat well, and screw well, if you know how.
At CreatiVentures Publishing, we have been asking the question relentlessly to ourselves.
Of course, it brings to you not the complete answer, but a small bit of it in the form of our new website with a fresh look and feel. We are still trying to answer the same question and  a lot more for you and us.

CreatiVentures Publishing

Our designing team worked along with our friends in the USA and Rome to answer the same question. I, on behalf of all of us, extend our gratitude -- not from the toe, certainly from the heart to our friends and well wishers.
As I told you, the question still remains, not unanswered, but we have made an attempt and will relentlessly continue our effort in answering the question to give more and more authors and books.
Wishing you all blessings of life

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