Thursday, December 29, 2011

Golden Opportunity for Budding writers

Name of the Series: Real People Real lives

Topic for the first book:
More Dreams…
Some More DREAMS…

Dear Friends,
I am thinking of making a series of books on various topics like the one you see above.  The first book will be released by the end of April 2012.
I would like to invite anyone who wants to write and be part of this series. CreatiVentures being a firm that encourages and supports every first time writer irrespective of who you are! We feel this is one of the ways to bloomer a first-timer to the limelight as a published author.
If your story is accepted by our editorial board, we will publish it in the book. So will have the privilege of being a published author in a mesmerizing series which deals with Real People Real Lives.
You will also get royalty for the article. I mean, if there are 50 writers the amount will be equally shared.

How can you become a co-author?
Write down one of your dreams. What it was? How passionate you were? How it manifested in your life?
It could be also a dream that you fondle in your heart which is yet to manifest in your life.

Other requirements:
Length of the writing: 750-1000 words
Use simple and conversational language.
Let the incident flow from your heart.

Remember, it is not an article. It is your own experience or visualization that you aspire in your life. So, give all your emotions, feeling, heart and soul to make it, in its fullness. That little extra PUNCH…

It is an opportunity comes to you from CreatiVentures as our New Year Gift.
Send your winning entries to before March15th 2012.
If you know anyone who would be interested in this New Year Gift,
Absolutely, feel free to pass it on to them.
That would be great support and Gift to the person who deserves it.

Happy New Year.

Wishing you all blessings of life
Joji Valli
(Author Publisher) 


  1. venture is really encouraging to prospective creative writers.In order to buy books published, preview of such books including forwards by equally creative writer should be available to the readers to choose books of his/her liking taste.