Saturday, June 22, 2013

Precious Pearls - A College face book (must read for teachers, students and parents)

Dear Friends
Here is an amazing fiction based on the college life from CreatiVentures.
It is available on and
We have been getting amazing feedback for the book.
This book will certainly help you cherish your own college days and your youth days...
Enjoy it.
I can assure, this fiction is a potential movie. Kindly pass it on to your friends who are working in the film industry.
You may also order it from CreatiVentures Publishing to get a free delivery anywhere in India.
Wishing you all blessings of life
Joji Valli

Whose College is this?
Silence, Keep quiet, No noise please, You Communicate...
A hero; a zero; a yawno; a TORNADO.
One taniyo loves his favorite-foyer, kaliyo watches matching attire. One loves her khakhi bag, other yawns in lecture halls. One runs after marks; one rests in theaters; one busy in nick naming ceremonies; one bunking, gossiping
Set in the business fertile land of Gujarat, it is a story of a village lad who dared to dream bigger than life to become an engineer and industrialist. Very soon he does realize that the education which was supposed to give wings to his dreams was at the best clipping it!
A plot that makes you re-live in the grandeur of the WestLand and its Precious Pearls again and again. On this journey, you will meet Gen-X and Gen-Y as the story unfolds a roller coaster of scenes, actions, events, moments, emotions and lots of learning. A lovely college panorama bringing nostalgia about your own bygone good college days.

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