Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Freedom is the greatest tool for ultimate expression and the greatest expression is that of ultimate freedom

Dear Friends,
Here comes another poetry book, as CreatiVentures bloomers one more first-time writer.
Thank you one and all for giving us your support and encouragement to bring the first-timers into the limelight of main stream literature.
Continue your support and encouragements by reading our books, referring it to your friends, and directing your friends to publish with us.
We believe in the power of your written thoughts and the way you articulate it as a book.
If you or your friends have a manuscript of merit and willing to self-publish it, get in touch with us.
We are there to support you and make your dream book a reality HERE and NOW.
Wishing you all blessings of life
Joji Valli
(Author Publisher)
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  1. The title looks great. all the best!

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  3. Thank you very much Dr. Kuru... Your appreciation is a blessing and a great honor esp.. coming from You. I am glad that it is You who has given the first blessing.. esp on the title :-) My heart beams with joy :-)

    Kind regards - Ratish