Monday, November 9, 2015

Illumine Lights Within… -- Happy Diwali

Lights, lights and lights…
Eyes can see every light that is around.
Different colors and different shapes…
All man-made lights of marketed celebrations and fanfare...
Celebrations are time for rejoicing, forgetting everything…
Just being in the moment, being in the NOW, and forgetting the self.
Are we trying to cover-up something that is within?
Festival of lights will not remain for whole life.
Light needs energy to sustain forever.
Once the fuel is over lights will be out.
Again, the darkness prevails everywhere.
Celebrations are for the moment,
Covering up the real lights.
Where is the real light then?
It is within you.
Light it in this Diwali, that the ego cannot shine.
Light the lights of friendship, compassion, empathy…
That the rays of light within will shine brightly around.
Making your light shone around.
A celebration that is lasting and sharing…
Which needs no money to be spent…
Rather, it just needs a bit of transformation,
Light the lights of love within…
Let your heart radiate lights of love.
It will illumine us all internally and externally.

Wishing you all a happy Diwali.

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